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We are Thankful!!


The Pierson-Young Project would not have happened were it not for the Holy Spirit’s action in New Jerusalem Community in Cincinnati, Ohio in the early 1970's.  Our experience of God in that community has been a great inspiration to us and we hope that same inspiration will be felt by those who hear our music.  Our prayer is that the music will deliver the same message of hope, love, and joy we experienced in NJ.  

We are both eternally grateful to Fr. Richard Rohr, OFM for founding that community, nurturing our faith and showing us God’s love and redemption.  

We'd also like to thank our producer, Bobby Fisher, who hears our songs with his heart and helps them grow in beauty.  God bless you brother!

Thanks to our engineers Dan Murphy who worked on our first CD and  Rick Andress whose expertise and talents enhanced  the music on our 2nd CD. 

Our appreciation to all the musicians and singers who continue to bless us on our musical journey with their talents and creativity.  Their enthusiasm and care for the music are so very special.  

A heartfelt thanks to Bishop Todd O'Neal , Pastor Dan Weyand-Geise, and their church families for  their unbelievable support and encouragement of our ministry. They have been wonderful brothers and sisters in the Lord.  

Thanks also go to Zac Ober for designing our graphics

and album designs. Dude You are awesome!

Special thanks to our wives Gwen and Cindy for their unending support and contributions to our ministry.  Much Love to You Both!  

 Hope is Alive! 

How can we serve you?


The Pierson-Young Project  

is available to share at your upcoming  function. Stipens would be based  upon  the type of event and resources needed. Let us know how we can help with your upcoming event.                                                     

  • Parish  Missions  
  • Lenten Series 
  • Retreats  
  • Days of Reflection
  • Church Celebrations
  • Concerts

Steve and Greg have over 60 years of combined experience in musical performances and ministry. 

Incorporating lessons from their own spiritual journeys with song and scripture, they create an experience of being in the presence of God. 

The Pierson-Young Project (PYP) uses original music, drama, dance, Scripture and personal sharing to create a space for reflection and challenge. This is our invitation to deeper prayer and   action in today’s world.    

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